Day 20: my submissiveness

DAY 20: KINK CURIOUS…Talk about something within kink/BDSM that you’re curious about or don’t understand.

Curious…. well… there so much. i guess that’s why i associate with being an experimentalist. And one day (bucket list!) i will exhaust all the possibilities and/or run out of ideas of things to try. Is that even possible?

Don’t understand?…. uhm…. i don’t understand why so many people are judgmental and close minded. Wait, that’s me in LIFE, not necessarily just really in kink. Seriously though. Why are so many people convinced that their way is the right way?

Disclaimer: i may or may not have gone off the rails with the rest of this post. Maybe i am sick or maybe i have covid! Maybe that’s the reason for this crazy opinion filled post. i’ll let you be the judge….

(While unintentional, i guess this links back a bit to my previous posts about what to do when he is wrong).

Right and wrong… in many instances there is no true right or true wrong, rather it is opinion. At the risk of all of you revolting with crazy comments to me about how WRONG i am, i am going to broach a sensitive topic here and offer up the following example…..


Do masks work? Any mask? Or just particular ones? Or none at all?

Now i haven’t actually even given you my OPINION on the topic, but i suspect you already have your opinion. And it’s just that: opinion. Okay, now some of you are going, “no, it’s fact because i can find something on the internet to support my opinion, therefore, making it fact.”

i was waiting to check out in a store recently when an older gentleman (without a mask on) was in front of me. When he got to the counter, the cashier stood straight backed and said proud and firm, “Sir, it is the store’s policy to have everyone wear a mask. If you don’t want to be asked to leave, you need to put on a mask.”

And he responded, equally proud and firm, “then you best check me out quickly so I can get out of here equally quick before you are forced to ask me to leave.”

The cashier was stunned at his response and momentarily paralyzed really. (What do you think happened next?? What do you think is the Right answer… to the situation, what should’ve happened next, or what actually did happen next?)

So do you see the craziness here? We are all so busy trying to prove we are right, that we miss the ultimate point…. if you are so close minded and confined you are right, you may not have the right answer at all. And miss it altogether in the process of being so adamant about your opinion.

And yes, there are so many options right now regarding COVID… mask/not and go out in public/stay home, officially quarantine/not. The only things we seem to universally agree on is that washing hands and staying 6 ft apart works. (But even that,.. who decided SIX feet was the magical distancing space required? i mean, why not 7 or 8 or just 5? And has this FACT been studied to confirm it is RIGHT too? Or is that just an OPINION as well?)

Ok, so what’s my point? It’s that if there are so many opinions about everything from covid to sex…. then why can’t people be a bit more open-minded overall? Maybe recognize your thoughts are just opinions. And if you were open minded, you’d be able to objectively hear another perspective and sometimes find that your way was indeed wrong and what you are hearing at that moment is actually right.

By the way, i’m not suggesting you have to accept these opinions as your own. You just have to open enough o hear them out… and allow others to accept them as their own. i’ve said for years that, “you do you and i will do me. We can recognize we have different ways without imposing our ways on each other. And if our ways coincide, that’s even better. But in the meantime, i’ll still hear you out too.”

So ultimately i guess i just don’t understand what makes the people of the world be so adamant about their way being the only RIGHT way. And being so close minded in the process.

Do you have any opinions … or fact…. on what makes people so sure their way is the right way?



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