122 – Complete work of Fiction #7

A continuation of the last…..

Because i’m not allowed to speak, this evening could be very different. But what the heck, it sounds intriguing so i’ll go with it.

And i nodded at Sir after he had asked a question that i really had no other way of answering, due to the one rule for the night, no speaking at all no matter what. After i nodded, he smiled and said, “Good girl! You learn quickly. I love your submissiveness already! Now let’s go have an amazing evening!”

With that, we arrived at the restaurant. We parked and he grabbed my hand as we walked inside. And as the host indicated we should follow her to the table, he put his hand in the middle of my lower back and directed me forward. i knew that was his simple way of indicating that he was in charge from start to finish, and that he would guide me along the path i was to take.

He made sure we were seated at a booth table and he told me to sit across from him. i did as i was told without a verbal word out loud. And about that time, the waitress came to ask for our drink order. i started to open my mouth and speak when it occurred to me, i can’t speak!

He commented, “I saw your mouth open sweetheart. Are you considering what to drink? Cat got your tongue?” And he laughed.

How in the living HELL am i to respond???

That’s when he looked at the waitress and said, “I guess I’ll be ordering for both of us. We will be having a bottle of wine. But I need to review the selection first. Please bring each of us water in the meantime.” She smiled back and said, “Sure thing.”

As she walked away, Sir said, “You remembered! You are indeed my good girl!”

He continued by saying, “I intentionally waited to see if you’d speak. But you did do well to hold your tongue. I think you have now realized I will be ordering for both of us tonight since you aren’t allowed to speak.”

It was about that time that i saw Sir stand. And he was suddenly greeting someone. He offered a handshake. i assumed it was someone he knew from work or golf, when i overheard him say, “I’m so glad you were able to join us.”

Sir then motioned for him to sit and said, “Please have a seat next to Marie.”

Oh wow. Ok. Here i thought it was just the two of us. i wonder who this guy is and how am i supposed to respond if he speaks to me? i am going to seem like the biggest witch when i don’t even say hello!

With that, he turned to his left and smiled at me. i looked at him and then looked Sir with confusion and apprehension written on my face. i hopes Sir would understand i was unclear about to express myself without being allowed to speak.

That’s when David looked at me and said, “my love, I’d like you to meet the man you were emailing a bit with a few weeks ago……. SS…. as in Second Sir… as in YOUR Second Sir…. starting now!”

A lightbulb went off in my head as i realized who SS was. My second Sir? What? It’s already a done deal?

David spoke again, “when you first thought up this Second Sir thing, I really was unsure at first. But I’ve discovered just how much I could use a second and how much it would be nice to have your submissiveness at a peak level at all times. And let’s face it, it takes a village to keep you in line as much as you need! So because I need a break sometimes, but you need a strong Dominant hand at all times, this is a win-win for all!”

i’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village” but in reference to raising kids. i guess it’s true with training a submissive in the way you want her to go also! i won’t deny, a Second Sir will be hard but also exciting too!

David continued, “So after he emailed about being in Tx, I wrote and asked specifics. He and I have been conversing for the last 3-weeks and after I discovered we lived nearby, we previously already met in person just the two of us. After talking to him at length now for three weeks, I’ve discovered that he will make for a great Second Sir for you. And we decided to surprise you with this tonight.”

He sat next to her and leaned in. He kissed her on the cheek. And said, “Nice to meet you in person Marie. I’m looking forward to having my way with you and, in conjunction with David, truly expanding your submissiveness beyond your current limits!”

My eyebrows went up, and i looked at David. He shook his head and his finger at me while saying, “No no no…. you are NOT allowed to speak. Remember what I said about your O-N-E rule!”

Damn! He can read me SO well! He knew i really wanted to start asking questions and finding out what they’ve talked about, what they’ve decided, how this will work. i am filled with excitement and apprehension, and want to know more!!

And with that, my new SS and David laughed out loud. SS looked at me and said, “oh what a predicament you are in! So many questions, not enough answers, and no ability to express yourself. You know, David and I planned out this entire evening, including this situation and your inability to speak! If you learn now to submit to us both, you’ll see this dynamic will be nothing short of amazing!”

It was then that the waitress returned and took our order. After David ordered a bottle of wine for us all to enjoy, SS ordered for himself. And it was then that David also ordered food for both of us as well.

That’s when David continued speaking to me, “So we have done a lot of talking already about what a Second Sir would mean for all of us. And thanks to your blog, he knows quite a bit about you too. Together we decided that the best way for you to learn submission to both of us is to have you start by simply focusing on listening more than speaking. And that’s why we decided you are not allowed to speak tonight, but rather you will just listen and learn!”

About that time, SS put his hand on my thigh. i flinched at his touch and David clearly saw it. He said, “sweetheart, all you have to do is relax and let things happen tonight. Simply focus on being the submissive wife, and now girlfriend, that you are and just enjoy yourself.”

SS asked David if he cared if he touched me. And David responded with, “No, of course not. That’s why I invited you to sit next to her. I want her to get used to feeling your hands on her from the start.”

And that was when he said, “well, in that case, I have the intentions of making her orgasm right here at the table before our meal is brought to us. Do you object?”

And David laughed and said, “Nope! In fact, I’ll tell you she probably needs it. She has an insatiable sex drive and I need to make her orgasm every few days just to keep her from acting out like a crazy woman.”

And that’s when the two of them just started talking like old friends, while his hand moved up to the sweet spot he sought! David knew the second he hit it too because i started to twitch as his hand started to play with my clit.

He asked, “Do you like his touch?”

Thankfully, knowing i wouldn’t respond, he just kept talking and said, “you need to let him make you orgasm here at the table.”

He then said, “oh wow! She is soaking wet. She must be happy to meet me.” And they both laughed, while i was embarrassed! But of course i was happy to have a Second Sir and for the first encounter meeting him making me orgasm right at the dinner table for all to (possibly) see!

That’s when he said, “I have two fingers inside her now and she feels amazing!”

David looked at me and said, “clinch your pussy muscles around his fingers so he knows you like what he’s giving you.”

And he smiled and laughed and said, “She did as told!”

He then looked at me and said, “okay, new rule. You can speak tonight, but only with your pussy. If you want to say YES, you clinch those pussy muscles twice, and if you want to say NO, you clinch just once. Do you understand?”

Oh interesting! Ok, i’m in! At least i can sort of talk. And i have amazing pelvic muscles so i got this!

And i clinched and released twice on his fingers. He smiled and looked at me and said, “I think she likes our game!”

Hell yeah i do!

He and David started talking about manly topics… the current sporting events, their favorite sports and which teams. And all the while, he fingered me and the only words i spoke was yes and no via my pussy.

It was when David saw my eyes roll back in my head that i knew that he knew that i was orgasming. i didn’t make much noise, but they did both pick up on it too. i know this because he commented to David, “there’s one!“

He looked at me and said, “you are indeed a good girl! I want to see how many orgasms you can have before we leave here. I’m going to keep my fingers deep inside you our entire evening. Do I make myself clear?”

He looked at David and with a laugh said, “she said yes!”

He said, “I may have to see just how many fingers she can take right here at the table before the night is through.”

David lifted his glass and said, “Go for it! And let’s all drink to that!” And we all did.

They lost count of how many times i orgasmed. i’m not even sure they knew about all of them! i was being finger-fucked in a public place and this was so amazingly hot, so honestly, i didn’t care. They didn’t really allow me to focus on anything other than SS’s fingers fucking me right there at the table all the while struggling to eat and appear normal in this quite nice restaurant.

As we were getting ready to leave, David said to me, “I’m going to ask you a single question and I want a single verbal answer in return. That single answer should a single word. Yes or no, understanding that having a Second Sir is not all fun and orgasms, do you want to have him as become your Second Sir?”

i responded, “Yes Sir i do.”

He frowned and said, “That was more than just one word! Why did you go and disobey? We were having such an amazing evening. You are looking to be punished now aren’t you?” But he was ultimately pleased with her response too and added, “so even if you didn’t follow instructions, I’m glad you like our new SS…. and just wait until you also meet his wife too!”





    • DJ – I’m so glad to hear this. It encourages me to know that what I write, others enjoy. I had some ideas for more, but wasn’t sure if I should continue or not. But you just gave me the encouragement needed! So very soon, look for more….. Hugs, Marie

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