Day 18: My Submissiveness

DAY 18: PET HATES…Any kinky/BDSM pet peeves? Any thing you particularly dislike or that annoys you? If so, what are they?

So i have been thinking about this one….. and i can’t think of a thing! Strange that i have NOTHING to say. 😜

Maybe i just forgot about …… (blank). What would you say i forgot? What is YOUR pet peeve/hate?

If i think of something, i’ll do an update. But i guess it’s good that i can’t think of anything! Right??

PS…. i have plenty of pet peeves in life in general, just nothing i can think of in the kinky/sexy arena. And since you asked what those might be: 1) in driving…. why do people drive side by side, taking up every lane on the road, for MILES at a time? Pass, move over, let the next person get by already! 2) know-it-alls. You do not know everything about everything. So why not quit acting like it?! Even if you think you know everything, there’s at least one perspective or angle that maybe you haven’t considered and when it is presented, you should be willing/open enough to consider you might be have been wrong from the start. 3) confrontation-avoidance. The problem doesn’t just go away by ignoring it. In fact, it may get bigger or worse. So be an adult…. address it, get past it, and move on. It may be that you have to agree to disagree, but then do it and move on. But avoiding it doesn’t typically make it go away either.

Okay, enough complaints for one Wednesday. Go enjoy hump day everyone!




  1. I have two pet peeves when it comes to our kink community. The first is the judgement that some people display regarding the kinks of others. I’ll be the first to admit… there are a lot of kinks that I have been exposed to by this community that I have no interest in. BUT, I totally respect that others enjoy those activities and I’ve even gotten to a place where I enjoy hearing about it for the sake of learning something new. Second, I find it very annoying when kink bloggers assert themselves as “experts”, handing out a ton of advice when it wasn’t sought out. One of my favorite things about my WordPress community is hearing what others think on a subject… but I don’t need opinions shoved down my throat either. While I respect the experiences of others, my experiences are my own and they may play out differently.
    Whew… there we go! I feel like I just got kinda negative there, so let me end this comment by saying that I LOVE my kinky WordPress community and that I’ve only experienced these annoyances a handful of times over the last three years.

    • I agree. But I will build, once again on Nora’s comment, lol. I really dislike when people blog and don’t stick to their story. It is one thing for ‘you’ to have discovered that the onus of submission is on ‘you’ as a submissive. It is an entirely different thing to post that information as a fact that submissives should accept. I wish people would just keep the narrative personal therefore removing the know it all, one true way garbage . I’m certain we’ve all done it to a degree from time to time, but with some it is constant. And at the risk of sounding like that right now, the longer one does this thing we do, the more we realize that what we were SURE we knew isn’t always so sure anymore. Lol

      On a personal note I hate whippy things. Loathe them really. Not whippy things with substance- like a cane or quirt. B likes to mark my back with small X’s using a 2 foot glow stick. I hate it! It doesn’t hurt, hurt really…I guess. I find it an annoying pain.

      Oh also can’t stand when people compare pain tolerances ( not saying if you say you have a high threshold I mean back room chatter about pain). I think maybe some have higher, or maybe they haven’t built it up, or maybe they are more remorseful ( when I’m pissed off I rarely feel a thing) and therefore feel it physically more,or maybe we all just process it differently. Some love the cane, doesn’t mean their Doms aren’t using it right, could just mean they prefer it over wood…or vice versa. Lol. Just a theory of course.


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