85 – My ass just shouldn’t gamble.

Yeah, well, you guessed it… i did NOT win the double or nothing bet. My ass was sore in more ways than one yesterday!

The plug didn’t stay in… just started hurting so it came out. And i happen to think David was happy about it as he got to turn it a very bright shade of red. He said, “now the outside hurts as much as the inside! Don’t you wish you’d not gambled with your ass on the line?”

Uh yeah! Most definitely.

The double part was double the strength of his swing. It was 105 very strong smacks with the wooden paddle.

Sir seemed giddy when he said, “ok, it’s time!”

And i went to the bedroom and got into position. The wooden paddle is always placed (by me) in the small of my back for any spanking, per my instructions. He picked it up and said, “ready or not….” and the first swat hit my ass!

Ouch! No warm up was to be had!

And i started counting. It’s always hard to keep count, but it keeps me focused on something other than the pain!

My heels lifted off the floor. And he swiftly saw it and said, “put your heels back down.”.

Man this was a stupid bet on my part. i’ve never succeeded in wearing a plug that long…. what was i thinking?

Why 105? i have no idea…. but i counted. i don’t think he intended it to be 105, but when he was swinging away and he figured out i was counting (he doesn’t make me count out loud), i think it was then that he decided to stop at an “unexpected number”.

Because my ass was red and sore, i really wanted to lay on my stomach to sleep but that caused my pierced nipples to be sore. They are still tender and for 6-more weeks, David doesn’t get to touch them… healing process ya know!

Needless to say, i am extra tired tonight from not having slept much last night. At least i don’t have another spanking in store. i think i’ll try to avoid that this week! 😂

In the end though, i did gamble…. and everyone knows …. the house always wins!




  1. Marie,
    I bet your bottom was extremely sore after recieving 105 spanks with that wooden paddle!! Does it leave you bruised for awhile? I just gasp while you describe your punishment, but you alway’s seem so chirper after, I don’t see how!! But, I admire you so much, being a submissive wife is work but it’s what we as wives are suposed to do, we are suposed to let our husbands have complete control as HOH, its biblical for sure!!

    • Hi! Thank you for the kind compliments. I agree with what you write that it’s hard, but what we are supposed to do too.

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