78 – O. The Freedom. 4th of July fireworks!

Oooooooo i feel sooooo much better!

My July 4th fireworks have already gone off. It was a wonderful sight to see!

David surprised me this morning. He said, “ready to edge?!? Last day!”

And i cringed on the inside, but outward said, “Yes Sir”, held back the eye roll, and got up from my coffee on the couch and went to our bedroom.

He said, “go on, lay down. I’ll get your rabbit for you”.

(How thoughtful. Thanks Honey!)

He watched me for a minute. He asked me if i wanted to orgasm. i said, “yes Sir”.

That’s when he came up, took hold of the rabbit, and pushed it in deep, turned the clit vibrator on high. He pushed and pulled it in and out of my needy puss!

i had a sharp intake of breath and said, “Sir, please stop if i’m not allowed to cum until tonight……”

That’s when he said, “no sweet girl, I want you to cum ….NOW!”

And just like that, the fireworks went off. On cue! The fireworks shot high in the sky. i was in the clouds enjoying every bit of it.

But he wasn’t done. He said, “keep your legs spread! I want another one!”

And just like that, the grand finale fireworks show went shooting off in the sky, creating all sorts of spectacular colors and a “ooohhhh ahhhhh” scene to behold high in the sky…..

He smiled. He said, “you have been a good girl. So I decided to let this happen sooner today than (as originally planned) later this evening. And if you stay good, there may be a repeat tonight!”

i have truly surprised myself that i lasted 7-whole days. My strength – mind over matter – is bigger than i knew. i’m proud of myself for accomplishing this task!

And more importantly…..i’m proud to be my husband’s submissive!

(But neither of us have confidence i could do this again…. and he said the next time we need a chastity belt…. if you read before, i had one on order – but that was pre-COVID and it never came in the mail. Now we’ve ordered a new one!)

Enjoy your (American) freedom to “O” and ahh and go make some amazing fireworks today too!




  1. Yay! I’m so happy to read this!! Maybe we should refer to today as ‘O Day?’ Hehe


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