69 – S is for Submission and Spanking. outside. AND. inside!

This morning my in-laws left to return home. i expected that when David returned from dropping them at the airport, i would be “Assuming the Position” for the first real spanking since mid-May…. pre-car accident and pre-nipple piercing.

i have had some missteps lately in my submissive walk. David explicitly asked me to go by the drug store to pick up the meds that he had refilled, then even texted on my way home telling me not to forget… and yes, i forgot.

Then i have been mouthing off too. (My mouth gets me into more trouble than anything else!) i asked David a question that was intended as a joke, but with his facial response and his questioning me afterward, i knew he didn’t receive it the way i intended.

So – i fully expected it. In fact, i was prepared to ask for it if i had to.

And while we haven’t exactly discussed it really, he got home and said, “Are you expecting it today?” (And i KNEW that “it” was a spanking!)

Yes Sir

He said, “Not now. You’ll wait until I’m ready.”

Well that surprised me, but ok. Ok, NOT ok! i got somewhat annoyed because i have to psych myself up for spankings, especially when we’ve had a break lately. i mentally prepare. And i had done that. But he is in charge and he was teaching me to be submissive and disciplined to his guidance. And ultimately… i think this was him testing me!

But i didn’t wait long. About 30-minutes later and he said, “it’s time”

Yes Sir

And i went and assumed the position.

Now i was a bit on edge and nervous about this today because: 1) it’s been awhile. And the first time back is always a stark reminder … and typically especially painful! And 2) i have these new nipple piercings which i am afraid of bumping or hitting them on anything, causing pain! (Happy Birthday to Sir!) And i was worried if i squirm/move too much with each swat, i would hit them on the bed and cause myself even more pain.

So as i waited for Sir to come in, i prayed.

Lord, thank you for giving me David to lead me, guide me, and to have complete control over our house and my life. i need you to help calm my nerves and give me strength to be the wife he wants me to be by accepting fully this discipline that i know i deserve, and to let it be an ultimate reminder of the wife i need to be. i love you Jesus. Amen”

Now if David has been “on cue” the door would’ve opened right then. But he wasn’t. And it gave me the time to “just relax….”

When David did came in, he immediately started the warm up. It was a LOT of swats in one spot on the left cheek. And then he did a LOT more on the right cheek.

Then the real swats came. All over my ass, sometimes in the same spot but often not. Swift and hard. And then a big pause….. and SMACK … an especially hard one….. and another pause and another big SMACK!

i could hear the paddle on the way back hit the palm of his other hand and then it hit my ass immediately after.


Somewhere in the middle, he asked me, “is this enough? Should I stop?” (While continuing to reign downing my ass)

And i hesitated. He said, “it was a simple question! No right or wrong answer, except to hear no answer at all.”


So i told the truth (best way to respond!) with, “i’m not certain Sir. i want it to end because it is intense but i want it to be a lasting and effective impression too.”



That was when he put his hand between my legs and felt how wet i was. And he start playing with my clit.


Wow. Pain and pleasure!

And he stuck his thumb in my ass and started moving in and out super fast. Fucking me hard with his thumb.


Then with a thumb in my ass, he stuck two fingers in my Puss. And in/out they went!


One hand was forcing my inside to submit while the other hand was still forcing the outside of me to submit.

Through it all, as my eyes were watering and i wondered if i was going to truly cry, i said, “i love it when you make both my outside AND my inside submit to you.”

“GOOD! Because your ass belongs to me!”


“And i love when you are control ALL of me….. my body, soul, and mind!”

That’s when I heard “come for me my love!”

And i did. A LOT!

Then he replaced his thumb with a plug and said, “this will be a reminder all day to submit fully…. outside AND inside.”

Yes Sir.

And just like that…God granted me my prayer… to accept my spanking with grace and submission to be a better wife moving forward!

(And i didn’t move much at all during the spanking, and when i did it was lifting UP off the bed to ensure my nipples didn’t get hurt! It was a successful spanking all in all!)



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