68 – Happy Birthday to Sir

Tomorrow is David’s birthday. And he’s asked me for about 5-years to get my nipples pierced.

And until this year… i have always said “NO!” (Capitalized! As in, No way, not happening, quit asking!)

And yet…. he hasn’t quit asking.

This is not one of those things that he has “control” over me. He has merely asked. Not demanded, commanded, or required. He has literally just asked. Continually. And without ceasing. He has never forced this on me as in a D/s way, because he didn’t want to make me do something i just wasn’t ok with!

But i’ve thought about it … a lot.

And i researched it….a lot.

And i almost did it just before covid hit. And then everything shut down. So i’ve had 2-more months to think about it……

So now after more than 6-months of giving it a LOT of thought……

i surprised him (and being perfectly honest…probably myself too !!) and said, “if you want this to happen, i am ready”

And he said, “HELL yes! Happy Birthday to me!”

And so….. here i am.

Waiting in the virtual (COVID – wait in your car) line. To get them pierced.

i have been here … waiting… for an hour…. truly thinking i want to chicken out and go home. And yet, i don’t.

Yikes. We shall see!



UPDATE: after 2 1/2 hours waiting…. they are both pierced! And truthfully it didn’t even hurt nearly like i expected or anticipated. A little sore right now, but i’m SO happy i did it!!!!

And David is BEYOND happy about it! Which makes it even better still!! ❤️

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