67 – Silence is Golden

When i got home from work, i did as i was told. i greeted everyone, including my in-laws (who are VERY conservative people, and to whom we would NEVER talk intimate details with!)…. and excused myself to go to our bedroom.

As i did so, i heard David say to me, “is your headache feeling better? Maybe you should take something and stay in our room for a few minutes.”

i knew that was a reminder and an “out”. He was giving me reason to stay in our room for awhile and to assume the position without my in laws or our son wondering what was taking me so long to simply change out of work clothes. So i smiled at him and said, “that sounds like a good idea.”

i won’t deny… i was nervous. i had no idea what he had planned, but i knew he wouldn’t embarrass either of us in front of his parents and after the morning exchange about trust, i decided to …well…just …trust him.

So i closed our door, got completely naked, bent over the bed, feet on the floor and placed the paddle in the small of my back and waited for Sir to come in.

He didn’t make me wait long. As usual, i couldn’t see him but i could hear him. The first thing he said was, “good girl. Do you know why we are here?”

Me: Yes Sir.

Him: Hmmm. I really doubt you do. I told you to shut our bedroom door before you left for work. You know the little dog has been urinating on our bedroom carpet. Did you remember to shut our door today?”

Me: (in my head), “ahh crap! Now i know why he told me i was in trouble. i did forget!

Me: (outloud): no Sir, i did not remember.

Him: So you will agree that punishment is in order for not following orders… but also about questioning my judgment and seeming to not trust me this morning when I told you to come straight here (to the bedroom) after work?!?”

Me: Yes Sir.

That’s when he lifted the paddle from my back and i braced myself, praying no one would hear from the living room. But the swats didn’t come.

Instead, i felt something start to rub against my butt cheeks.

And he said, “we haven’t ever done a silent spanking before, but today you are receiving your first. This is capsaicin and soon it will start to burn. You will be able to feel this for a good long time tonight.”

And when he was done with that, he said, “now go get the largest butt plug you own and some lube. Bring it back. And re-assume the position”

Oh geez. We aren’t done? My butt is already starting to heat up as it is!

Me: Yes Sir.

When i came back he said, “now the silent spanking is to atone for the bedroom door not being closed like I asked you to do. This plug will be put in place to remind you to trust me.

I will put it in and it will stay in from now until bedtime. You are to stay here for a bit, then dress and rejoin us. If at any point between now and bedtime it seems you are not acting completely normal, it will stay in overnight. Do you understand?”

Me: not like i could say much other than: Yes Sir.

And with that, he pushed it in. It hurt a little going in, but he did show kindness and mercy… and i knew it was deserved. Now my job was to “act normal”.

Just before bed……..

Him: you did not act completely normal after dinner. I saw you squirming. I saw you trying to adjust the plug. I’m sure it was getting uncomfortable but that was the whole point… to have you learn how to submit even in the face of adversity and in times that maybe you don’t ‘feel’ like it.”

Me: Yes Sir. You are correct. i tried to be normal as much as possible, but i knew i wasn’t.

Him: go get my favorite purple plug and bring it to me. And once again, assume the position.

Me: geez. What has caused him to be so strict all of a sudden? i guess this IS what i have wanted… but… won’t deny it sounded better in my head than in reality! At least so it seems right now anyway!

But…. i did as i was told.

Naked again. Bent over the side of the bed. He pulled the large plug out… And said, “I told you that you’d have to wear that plug to bed. And you know I’ve been wanting to make you do this for some time. But since we’ve never done this before, I’m feeling kind. I’m going to put this purple plug in since it is smaller. You are to sleep with it in, all night long. I will take it out in the morning. And if I wake up to go pee in the night, rest assured I will check to see if you are still compliant.”

And that’s how i slept. Not good sleep. Long after he turned out the light saying good night and that he loved me… (not surprisingly) it took a long time to fall asleep.

But… it was deserved. And i knew it. And i am finally starting to see his dominant side truly be dominant. And in time, i suspect this too shall ease. But this is what i’ve wanted….For him to dominate and me to submit.

Every time i found myself awake, i thanked God for David and his leadership and his love…. i’m glad God gave him to me.

After almost 20-years of marriage, we have finally found our stride… And i am glad in it.




  1. Hi Marie,

    I don’t comment much but wanted to let you know that I have throughly enjoyed reading your recent posts. It warms my heart to see the progress within your relationship. ♡

  2. Thank You!! I have always known a was a submissive but I didn’t realize how much until I started reading your blogs, these give me hope that maybe 1 day I will have that D/s realationship.

    • Dianna –
      That is awesome that you are seeing and maybe discovering more of yourself in what I write! I love that! I had much of the same when I read “DD Jennifer style” blog. She’s been a submissive for 5-years and I learned so much about myself in reading her blog! I highly recommend you read her as well, if you haven’t already. Ask questions, stick around, email me if you like too!

  3. Thanks Marie!! You’re SIR is blessed to have you!! I love your stuff, you are so real and did that ointment leave blisters or anything ? I read it was 1 of the side effects and extreme burning much like the paddle!! Bless your heart, idk how you do some of those long paddlings.

    • Thank you Dianna. Luckily I did not have extreme burning. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was ok in the end. And honestly, it served its purpose! 😉

      As to the long paddlings….. some are pretty tough. I won’t deny. And in those moments I think, “just hang on … Just. One. More. Second.” David really does know my limits and about the time I just can’t handle anymore, it’s done. And that too, happens because it’s deserved…. and I know it and therefore, accept it. ❤️
      Hugs, Marie

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