Day 5 of 30: My Submission

DAY 5 : YOUR FIRST TIME…What was you first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t yet had that first time write about what you hope to have happen.

i kinda already talked about the “first time” with the previous post.

So i guess i will tell you about the first time David and i had a 3-some.

First off, at this point in our marriage, we have done 3-somes with a girl (M,F,F) and we have also done 4-of us (M,F,M,F). But we haven’t ever done a M,M,F combo. i told David i want to. In fact, i told him i would like to do a F,M,M,M,M,M…. lol. But that’s probably tomorrow’s post!

So the first time we did a M,F,F trio, it was with a co-worker. David and i worked for the same firm for 8-years. This is how we met.

And every year, the firm had B-I-G $$, all-out Christmas parties. Like in a big hotel, dressed in gowns and tuxs, sit down meal. And they paid for us to stay overnight in the hotel to not drink and drive.

So with that, we opted to get a room. All we had to do was get in the elevator up at the end of the night.

Well… when the main party ended, a lot of people (like 15’ish) came back to our room and we raided the mini-bar. (Still unclear to me why it was our room, but whatever). We were already drunk and didn’t need anymore, but hey, it was there and why not?!

And when that was done, all but one person (HER) left our room. She was a new hire, i had 2-years experience there, and David had been there about 5.

And because we had one bed, i found myself sandwiched between her and David. And we got naked.

i was facing her, with David at my back. So being super drunk … no inhibitions…. i just started kissing her. And she kissed me back. And that was enough to make me wet.

But that’s when David reaches around me and starts fondling her breasts. And he grabbed my hand and put them on her breasts and squeezed, giving me non-verbal instructions what to do. That’s when his hand moved down between my legs. And it went on from there.

The next day it was “business as usual”. We went back to work on Monday, all 3-of us, as if nothing ever happened.

i wasn’t sure if i was happy or not about the experience and about business as usual…..



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