Day 3 of 30: My Submission

DAY 3 : DISCOVERIES…How did you discover that you were kinky?

i think i always have known i am kinky. i just didn’t allow myself to explore it until the last few years.

Several years ago, my husband (my Sir) and i had a lot of marital trouble. And when that happened, it caused us to face a fork in the road: divorce or change. But the way it had always been was no longer an option going forward.

In fact, David said, “we are not sexually compatible. I think our sex life is incredibly predictable and boring.”

It hit me like a lead balloon. Because i knew i thought the same thing! And here we were married all these years with what we both thought amounted to a boring marriage … or at least sex-life, which let’s face it, is a HUGE part of a marriage!

So… we decided to stay together… with changes.

We sat down and talked… candidly .. about what we liked and didn’t. And it was the first time i really came out and put my Kink into words to anyone, including my husband.

And the more (brutally) honest i was, the more he was willing to try new things. And the more i said things like, “i want to show you more respect”. And “i want you to be in charge of our family”. And “i want you to tell me things (on things that ultimately don’t matter and it wouldn’t matter what i said!) .. not ask”… the more he responded with excitement. Emotional, physical, and sexual excitement.

Now together, we continue to explore things we like and don’t. The sky is the limit when you are honest with your Partner and find things that work .. for you both.

And THAT is what we have done and will continue to do!


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