54 – Maintenance – rushing home : worst spanking ever

Maintenance hurts… i know i’ve said that before.


i still look forward to it every Friday. Rarely am i not in the mood for it. It brings us together. It relieves stress. It starts the weekend out right.

In fact, i am racing home from work right now because Sir texted saying he was heading home and (if possible – which it is!), i need to meet him there and “get (myself) ready and in position.”

So i am headed home to have my weekly date with my Sir and let him wield the paddle to my bottom.

And i simply could NOT be any happier! Even though i KNOW it WILL hurt! ❤️


And one hour later i can honestly tell you, tonight’s maintenance session was the hardest spanking i have ever received.

David said, “I had a crappy day and I have a lot of stress to unwind. I have never gotten you to say yellow or red, and I want to find out just exactly how much it will take. It is not a punishment, but it will be a strong maintenance session that will unwind us both, on your ass and my mind. Are you prepared?”

My sole response, “Yes Sir”

And he did exactly as he said he would.

Since i knew he would go long and hard, i tried to count the swats in my head. He never makes me count out loud, and most of the time i pray in my head about acceptance, grace, and mercy. But tonight, i counted.

And i lost count. At 125.

Not all were huge swings and propel-me-forward kinda of swats. But i can tell you ALL of them were intentional and purposeful.

And i called out yellow. Meaning “slow down, please”

And he did. And still went a bit more.

Now i am sitting in the car, while riding to dinner, and we are both super relaxed. And my ass is on F-I-R-E!! Like it has NEVER been before.

And yet… if he said “bend over now!” i would do it again.

Love my submissive, domestic disciplined life! ❤️



  1. There should be more wife like you, willing to take a severe spanking to please God. We need women to admit to the lords will, and submit. No matter how painful, the spanking will help heal the marriage.

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