52 – Panties be G-O-N-E

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The rule is simple: N-O P-A-N-T-I-E-S.

At all.


Not hard to follow… right?

Well…… as i mentioned in the last post, i don’t like the “rub” when i wear jeans withOUT panties.

So …..today, i cheated. i wore a G-string. It was a compromise.. they aren’t “really” panties.. i mean they are only “half” there anyway! (right?)

i was honest. Told the truth. i told David straight away. Well, mostly anyway. Ok, ok…so i texted it to him AFTER i left the house for work. i know……NOT my best move.

And i suppose that wouldn’t have been a terrible thing…. had it been the first time. But it wasn’t.

So before you start in on me too….let me just say… i have told David every-single-time i cheated. And he said, “you better stop.” And “you WILL regret this” and other similar statements. But that was really all that happened. So i kinda thought he didn’t reallyyyyyyy mind after all. Besides, i have taken them off as soon as i got home.

But today, he said, “we will deal with this when you are home.” Which pretty much told me that today was going to be different.

And when i got home, i was admittedly…. nervous. i kinda thought today just may be the day that i pushes it too far. And sure enough…

i came into my bedroom to change out of work clothes and take off my shoes, and my panties drawers – yes i have TWO – were pulled out.

And they were empty.


The drawers are completely empty.

When i saw David, he very calmly but sternly said, “No more! I told you before that your pussy is NOT to be covered and because you can’t be trusted to follow the rule, I’ve now made it where you won’t be tempted. And i won’t be touching it tonight because you are now being disciplined.”

When i asked what happened to them …if he threw the panties away or just hid them somewhere, he said, “it doesn’t matter as they don’t belong to you anymore so don’t worry about it!”

i wish I could tell you i didn’t deserve this. But i do.

i guess in some ways, i’m happy they are gone as i was indeed tempted and, obviously, failed. Now, it won’t be an option. So for that, i am indeed happy.

But i got to say…. they will be missed….. 😏

Hugs, Marie

PS…i know i still owe you a post about my convo with our son. Not forgotten.


  1. What a fun story! I read such serious stuff most of the time. Then THIS! This is really fun. I can only wonder how you ever got this to work but it sounds like it does work and is working.

  2. I can’t help but giggle! On so many levels I get this. I like the control and being told how to dress. I broke a no panty rule once with a former Dom and it went REALLY badly for me. It ended our dynamic. I can’t begin how I’d react to my husband throwing away all of my panties. I’d have a really hard time being submissive in my response to it. It’s not something He’d do, but still….

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