51 – Bras, Panties, and Corsets – oh my.

After the last update about a chastity belt, i was thinking of other posts that i put something out there and talked about it, but haven’t talked (much) since… and i thought of the braless movement, the no-panties rule, and the corset training.

i will start with the CORSET. While i love the way it feels and makes my waist look small, David didn’t really like the way it smashed up the top of my back. He said it made me look like a hunchback. When it is on, after you cinch up the middle, the top and the bottom tend to be bigger. And unfortunately, the top got bigger in front AND in back. So facing me, he liked what he saw, but when he’s behind me, he hated the way that looked.

So the corset training has gone by the wayside. And that’s okay, as getting in/ out of it was quite a hassle and took time. Not to mention it was somewhat hard to hide under certain clothing, which tended to make me wear big/ baggy/ bulky clothing, to which David is NOT a fan of. So there’s that…. but now we know!

i still have the corsets… if we go to a club, one that is sexually oriented, or a house-party, i may break it out and wear it … without anything else on. (oh la la!) But i’m not too sure that will happen anytime soon!

And then there’s the BRALESS MOVEMENT. THIS is still a thing. David has always loved my large breasts and he takes every opportunity to squeeze my nipples. So being braless makes that super easy and accessible to him.

i was struggling though with work. i own my own business and work with a lot of very conservative clients, who wouldn’t take kindly to seeing erect nipples in a business meeting. So we have compromised in that the no- bra rule is applicable 100% of the time that we are together, and optional otherwise. Meaning, i can wear a bra to work, which is super nice. But there is still an implicit understanding that if i wear clothing that a bra isn’t needed, then a bra isn’t worn. And.. when a bra is worn, it is to be off by the time i get into the house. So it comes off in the car quite frequently.

i have to say while i wasn’t too sure about this when it first started, i love being braless now! In fact, Monday’s reallyyyyy suck now after an entire weekend of being free and having to bind myself up in that bra again.

And then there is the no-Panties rule. David first said only G-Strings, but when i complained they weren’t comfortable he said, “fine. No Panties. Easy access that way”.

So this is still a thing. And mostly, i am good with it. There’s a couple of times that it doesn’t work well for me, which is: 1) wearing blue jeans. Wow, they are form fitting and rub in ALL the wrong places. It tends to cause me to feel carpet burn by the days end. David said, “that’s easily fixed… don’t wear jeans.” And 2) when David tells me to wear a butt plug. Panties or G-strings help to hold it in. And now, not so much support. David says there’s an easy fix for this too… “wear the jeans that rub tight.”

Oh my.

So we keep evolving and finding what works and what doesn’t and I’m ok with that. It feels good to make him happy and to know he loves me always.

Tomorrow i am going to tell you about the convo that David, myself, and our 15-year old son had over dinner..about straight, gay, homosexual, bisexual, pan sexual, and A-sexual people. It was interesting to say the least.




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