29 – Vacation discipline

Often on vacation with family, it’s hard to be disciplined. Sometimes though it happens. Today wasn’t a “you’ve been bad and need to be spanked” discipline, but rather a “how much can you control yourself” discipline.

What does that mean??

Glad you asked…. I’ll tell ya!

We were in the hotel room (two beds, one room, 15-yr old in the next bed over) and Sir started pinching my nipples. And he was trying to make it hurt to where i let out a cry, a yelp, a something. i was determined to NOT make a single sound. So instead, i bit my lip and told myself to get wet for him. Because almost invariably, his hand will grow tired of playing with the nipples and move south.

I wanted to be wet for him when he touched that pussy that ultimately belongs to him! But of course, i am not allowed to touch it when he’s about to. So while my nipples were burning with the pain from the pinching he was doing, i focused on being wet for him.

When his hand moved south, i was ready. It made me proud to make him happy to find me ready for his touch. i knew there’d be nothing more than his fingers this morning touching me, but that was all good as i needed him and any attention he could give.

We proceeded to play a sort of game of chicken… who will flinch first. And i was determined to please him. So the faster his fingers played and flicked at my clit, the wetter i got, the more i bit my lip, and the more still i became.

He was trying to hurt it so that i would cry out, but it was a challenge and i refused to disgrace him and his authority. After he flicked my clit for awhile, i could tell it was swollen and sensitive. He gave it a bit of a break by immediately plunging 4-fingers deep into my cunt. And he was pressing inside deep and hard. My pussy was full! But he kept pressing. (It is a goal for both of us to eventually get his entire fist in there and be able to push in and out filling it so completely full, but we haven’t reached that milestone …. yet!).

He kept alternating between deep inside and pinching and flicking on the clit.

He whispered in my ear that i could cum all i wanted and that was my saving grace. And boy did i! It wasn’t long until i was shaking uncontrollably and felt numerous orgasms build and release. It became a continuous spill of cum from what we both knew was HIS pussy. It responded the way he wanted. He’s in control of everything, including how well his pussy responds to his touch.

And i was pleased to perform …. in silence… and compliance…. and enjoy the attention.

More please Sir! Anytime!



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