25 – Miss Sir and me

It’s been a very long time since i have posted. i miss me. i miss Sir. I went into a funk. We got out of the DD relationship… not intentionally, but instead “life” got in the way. I miss it.

We went into the holidays, got busy, family in town… all made disciplining hard. Promise to follow up later. Then Sir got sick and then and then.

i wish he would be in charge, take charge, and lead. i hope Sir returns to his position in our family and marriage soon.


  1. I know that feeling all too well. Eventually I started to get depressed and to feel unwanted and unloved because the key component of our marriage was missing.

    I have a suggestion to offer which has worked for me a couple of times. I handled Him back the control. I dug deeper into my submission to Him to find ways to bow lower and offer myself more completely to hand control back. I started doing all of the protocols in our relationship which gave Him controls. I began asking for permission to do X,Y, or Z for example. Eventually, I knelt before Him and presented my leash. I told Him I missed Master. It’s been my experience that when things get rough in a D/s relationship, DD included, that it’s on the sub to hand the control back to her Dom.

    Good luck! I missed my Daddy for far too long because of this.

  2. Ever seen my speech on active submission? I brought that term here to help folks in your position see a path back. What the lady above said is right on track. This relationship is like any other and takes two active participants so, participate!

    As an aside, discipline takes many forms. One need not be well, have much time or need special tools to get it across. Just my opinion.

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