23 – Cum on command AND only with permission

i know i’m not allowed to touch myself without permission, so it goes without saying i’m not allowed to cum without permission either.  In fact, i’m officially in ‘orgasm training’.  For anyone not familiar with that, it means i ask permission to cum and i can only do so when Sir says “yes, you may cum now.”

The idea is something like Pavlov’s dogs and i’ve even read stories about women who can ‘cum on command’.  They hear the words “yes, you may cum now” and even if they are in the grocery store, not being aroused or touched, cum on command.

i’m not entirely sure how i feel about that.  i want to be submissive, but cumming in the grocery store on command?  hmmm. 

On the one hand, that’s hot.  That’s erotic.  And that is submission at its finest!  i mean, even your BODY submits.  Not JUST your mind.

On the other hand, i’m not a dog.  Literally speaking here.  i’m NOT a “Pavlovian dog”. 

For what’s its worth, i’d say i cum MORE now than i did before.  Maybe it’s because David knows i’m not doing it on my own and maybe giving him that control is even more of a turn on?!  i dunno, but this is one happy sub.. until i cum in the grocery store without being touched! 

You?  Anyone want to cum on command?  Hot and sexy or dog-like?



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