10 – Focus already! … Red ass indeed


So David came home from his work-travel trip this week.  And at the conclusion of our at-home family dinner he said very calmly and appropriately to me, “Go make yourself ready.  Be prepared to tell me about your Transgressions.”

Well, i knew.   But in my head i thought, “our son is home.  Surely he won’t do anything while our son is home and awake and can hear.  Maybe he didn’t mean ready for spanking, but maybe ready for bed?!”  So I brushed my teeth.

Oops!  Boy was i wrong!  He came in and said, “Getting ready means brushing your teeth?!?!?” and i calmly responded, “Getting ready for bed does.”  And he said, “do NOT test me!”

So i stopped and dropped.  My pants, panties, shirt, bra.  Everything.  And i calmly walked to the edge of the bed and placed my hands on the bed, with my feet firmly on the floor.  He makes a point to tell me that my “heels are to remain on the floor at all times.”  i almost never succeed in this, but i can keep trying!

As i waited for what came next, i felt his hand come up under my arm.  He had recently bought some of the mini sized clothes pins.  And he pinched them onto each nipple.  And that’s when he got out the flogger.  He hit me firmly with it exactly 5 times.  It made a LOT of noise.  i feared our son would hear.  But if he did, he didn’t say anything.  And between each swat, i had to tell him another Transgression.

Then he stood me up, thanked me for all that i had done right, forgave me for all that was not done correct, and all was forgiven.  But the clothes pins were to stay for awhile as a reminder.

About an hour later, my nipples were swollen and throbbing, but i didn’t dare say a word.  i did fear he’d maybe forgotten.  But he had not and he finally relented and took them off.  And OH-HOLY-HELL when they came off, the rush of blood into the  nipple caused some immediate pain!  And then it subsided almost as fast.  But wow, i wasn’t expecting that!

i was relieved that was all there was.  And then we went to sleep.

That was 2-days ago.

Then yesterday.  i was struggling to focus at all, on anything, at work yesterday.  So i gave up at 3p and went home.  When i got home, he was there as he frequently works from home.  He asked me why i was home so i told him (the truth!) about being unable to focus.

And that’s when he said, “Go to the bedroom.”  And i did.  And i stripped.  i prepared myself.

When he came in, he asked me if i knew why i was there.  i responded with “i was unable to focus today and i need a mind readjustment”.  He said, “very good.  You were able to focus on that.  Let’s see if you can focus on this.”  And i felt the paddle come down …. hard… on my ass.

My ankles left the floor.  And he fussed at me and then stood on the arch of my foot, with a hand on the small of my back to force it to stay down also.

He said, “You will respond with ‘i will focus’ between each swat.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”.


“i will focus”


“i WILL focus”



Him:  “Are you sure?  REALLY sure?”


“Yes Sir.  i will focus!”

Him: “Not good enough”


“i will focus”.  This is where the tears were welling up in my eyes.  But he didn’t know that as my head was down and not facing him.  But i know he heard it in my cracking voice.

He cared, but not enough to stop.  He hadn’t driven home his point yet.

This continued for a total of somewhere around 15 swats.  i’m not really sure, because i was simply FOCUSED on saying, “i will focus” and attempting (and failing!) to keep my ankles on the floor.

And with that, he said, “Let’s see how much you are really ready to focus.  I’m sure there are emails you’ve neglected today in your lack of focus.  Go answer emails now.”

i didn’t put on a single stitch of clothing.  He didn’t say “Get dressed and then go answer emails”  instead, i heard exactly what he said, “GO ANSWER EMAILS NOW”.  That meant “GO NOW!” and do not stop or pass go or collect $200.  So i did.

And i started up my laptop.  i opened email.  And i more-or-less just sat there.  i just wasn’t feeling the focus at all … still…

i was trying to focus, which was more than i could say i’d done earlier in the day.  But still, not really focused!

And he noticed.


Here we go again.  Oh yikes!  Really, WHY did i do this to myself?  i didn’t really set out to do this, it ‘just happened’.

And i assumed the position.  i wondered how my ass was going to take this and if he’d show mercy on me.  He did not.


“i will focus”

Him:  “Really?  That’s what you said last night.  Not even 20 minutes ago!”


“i will focus”

Him: “WHEN?  Today or tomorrow? What is it going to take Marie?”


“i will focus”


“i will focus”

Him:  “Ready to truly focus?”


“i will focus.  Yes Sir, i am.”


“i really am ready to focus Sir.”

Again, i basically lost count, but i know it was around 10.  He stood me up, said, “i want you to go set an alarm for 15-minutes.  Do NOT get distracted by ANYTHING and read and respond to as many emails as you can in that time.  I’m telling you again – Do NOT get distracted!”

“Yes Sir”

And i did!  i succeeded this time!

i deserved a red ass

i really did.  i know i did.  i was not focused – on anything – and accomplished very little.  But i did certainly want to please Sir and i wanted to focus.  He definitely helped me to shut out the world, all the distractions, and FOCUS on one thing – my ass – okay, maybe a few things – the words, “i will focus” and pleasing my Sir.

Today my butt is sore.  But my mind is FOCUSED.

While i needed to focus yesterday, today i’m reminded as my butt is a bit sore overall.  i looked in the mirror and saw a couple of bruises.  i suppose i deserved that too.  i hope i can stay focused and not have to have a repeat of this session…. i suspect next time it would be even worse!


Hugs and Kisses ~

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