6 – Spoonful of medicine to help the Tacks stay down….

Hello my friends ~

i’m solo ‘everything’ this week.  David is out of town.  i miss him a ton and can’t wait to have him back!  He left Saturday morn and is not back home until Wednesday afternoon.  i wondered if/how DD could work with long distance.  But now i know……..

He has issued some surprising directives this week.  For example, i have to go to a school meeting and he said, “wear a skirt.  NO Panties.  Send pictures”.  Now i am aware that i could ‘fake’ the picture and technically take it at any time.  But when he turns around and surprises me with the next directive of “Face time. Now.” that prevents me from lying too.

Another thing is we have Life 360 on our phones.  It is a tracking app that we have for all our phones.  So David is aware of exactly where i am at all times.  We started it over a year ago, and it has come in handy AND gotten me in trouble before.  But yesterday,  it got me in trouble.

David texted me, “On your way home, go pick up the medicine prescrips from the pharmacy.”  I replied with, “Yes Sir”.  And promptly forgot!  i just went home.

About an hour later, i get a text saying, “Did you forget something?”  So i think…. What did i forget? think fast.  uhm….”.  And I had NOTHING.

And because we’ve been married for 17-years, we frequently KNOW what the other is thinking and don’t reallyyyyy have to say it.  But this was one time that i knew he knew, and i also knew that he knew that i didn’t know.  (say that 5 x’s fast!).  So i just said, “i don’t think so”.  And he said, “Don’t lie”.  YIKES.  Now i’ve got two things to deal with.  So i replied the second time with, “not that i recall”.

He then texted one word….. Walgreens.

He knew i forgot because Life 360 showed me going straight home and there was no way i could lie, even if i wanted to!


What makes this bad is this is the SECOND TIME in ONE WEEK that i’ve done this exact same thing!  i can’t seem to remember to get the medicine!  The first time he looked favorably on me and let it slide.  Maybe that’s WHY i forgot a second time.  Because the punishment never came.  NO I AM NOT BLAMING SIR!  i realize this is on me, but ‘maybe’ if i’d have received a red ass, i’d have thought twice about forgetting a second time.  But, i’m very sure this time, i will get that punishment that i’m supposed to.

What makes this worse is he is 1,500 miles away for many days now.  So i wait.  No punishment or settlement of wrongs will happen for several days.  tick-tock-tick-tock.  i couldn’t stand the wait very long though, and said, “i’m in trouble.  Aren’t i?” And he gave me a “you have to ask?” statement back.

Double YIKES!

Fast Forward a bit Not too much, just into the evening anyway.  i haven’t ‘forgotten’ i’m in trouble, but no sense dwelling on it either.  There isn’t much that can be done until he comes back home.  SOOOO i started reading some of my favorite DD and M/s blogs that i’ve found.  And i read about……

The Tack Bra.  I’d never heard of it.  And while the name pretty much says it all, I did a google search.  All the pictures looked like polka-dotted bras.  They “poke” alright.  And look hurts tackpainful.  But also very intriguing to me.  When i find something new, i research, try it out, and determine my own path.  And this is no different.  i researched.  But haven’t forged a path… yet.  i did find that this is a DIY project.

For-whatever-reason-i-don’t-know, i told David about this blog post.  He wanted to read it.  So i sent him the link.  His only comment afterward was, “Interesting.  Very creative punishment.”

And the more i thought about it, the more i wanted my own DIY  Tack Bra.  i texted David and told him that i was going to make one.  His only response back was, “If you make it, be prepared to wear it.”  When i asked, “what if i make it and decide that i can’t handle wearing it?”  And he responded, “you have safe words.”  But now i’m wondering if that might be part of my punishment to forgetting medicine.  Time will tell.


WELL — all that was yesterday.  And today, i couldn’t focus at work.  i ended up leaving early… and stopped at Wal-Mart for Tacks……..




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