2 – WHY Domestic Discipline?

So there are a lot of questions that could be asked – what, when, why, how, where – but the one that I think most people would want answered is WHY.

why oh why

WHY did I CHOSE Domestic Discipline (DD)?  


First off, i want you know, that I DID CHOSE DD.  I was not forced into it.  In fact, if anyone was forced (but of course I like to think ‘encouraged’  was my husband).  I have been talking about being spanked, enjoying being spanked, “why don’t you spank me?”, and “how about i hand you the paddle and bend over and you spank me” for a long time now.  I don’t remember when i first started talking about it, but its probably been over a year ago at this point.

Second, i RESPECT my husband.  But i don’t always show it (at all… let alone properly).  And i decided i wanted to change that.  I tried on my own, but i kept falling short and into old patterns.  It didn’t seem to matter, he didn’t notice, what was the big deal, i am ‘right’ anyway, and enabling myself to justify my actions and behaviors.

I thought about how if our child (who knows nothing of our DD life) were to talk back to me, what would I do? That is disrespect and needs to be corrected.  How would i correct?  Punishment.  Now i was never good at spanking our son, and now he’s too old for that, but punishment of some kind  is in order.  Or else how would he ever learn to control his tongue, temper, or actions?

The question is though, what does “Respect” mean.  And how does one go about showing it to another person.


Well, the bible says women are to SUBMIT and OBEY their husbands.  I kind of realized that it is the ‘submission’ part of the BDSM porn that always always attracted me.    And recently i was searching the internet for words like “submission” and “submissive wife” that i came across DD.  I’d never heard of it before, but the more i read, the more i realized THAT is what i want!

Third – by showing respect, I am humbled.  I am brought back to what God wanted women to do and who He wanted us to be!  I wanted to show respect and honor to my husband, as Head of House and Family, in the way that God had intended.  And the best way to do that, was to SUBMIT to him.

And when I found that DD is literally, just that, submitting to your spouse and recognizing his authority, and enabling him to be the person that God wanted him to be too – i knew i was “IN”.

Yes, that does include discipline.  And quite often that could be in the form of a red, bruised, and blistered ass.  But so be it.  Rules have been established, Respect is required, and disobedience is not tolerated.  It’s simple.

So – Domestic Discipline – works!

And that’s WHY I chose it!

Would you chose it?



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